Interested in natural, organic lawn care or sustainable landscaping services for your commercial or residential property?

For a limited time only we will match or beat the price of your current contract for the 2018 season.*

As the leaders in natural, organic lawn care and sustainable landscaping services, our approach is safer and more effective than traditional chemical or organic-based services.

We use battery-powered equipment and only apply natural, organic products to your lawns and landscapes.

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*Only applies to landscaping services such as mowing, leaf cleanup, mulch installation, shrub pruning/shearing, etc. In order to qualify for the special you will need to provide a copy of your current landscaping contract or invoice.

Due to the premium cost of natural, organic lawn care products we cannot match or beat the price of any chemical/conventional lawn care program. However, over the course of a 5-year period you will typically be spending less money with natural, organic lawn care vs. chemical/conventional lawn care. With some lawns it can take longer than 5 years to breakeven, but with oil running out (essential for chemical fertilizers) and mortgages typically being 30 years we are positive you will be happy with your investment.

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See What Others Say About Us

A.I.R. has been providing me exceptional service for a couple of years.  They are an eco-friendly business, which is important to me.  There are real and tangible benefits to their model.  For instance, when they do Fall leaf removal, they use blowers powered by battery packs charged from solar power.  These blowers are remarkably clean and quiet, in contrast to the typical gasoline powered blowers, used by most services, that are noisy and dirty.  Further, as they remove the leaves, they mulch them and compost them.

George S.

Chevy Chase, MD

Recommended A.I.R. to my parents in Potomac for them to try it out.  The reason being, all of A.I.R.'s equipment is solar powered!  Their price is a little bit higher than the traditional companies, but well worth it to be environmentally-friendly.  Their customer service is great too if you don't like the original lawn cut they give you!

Ryan B.

Potomac, MD

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