Took care of my lawn last year and did a really good job.  Customer service is very great and the quality of the final product was great as well.  Love that everything is safe for kids and pets.

Tom W.

Silver Spring, MD

A.I.R. has been providing me exceptional service for a couple of years.  They are an eco-friendly business, which is important to me.  There are real and tangible benefits to their model.  For instance, when they do Fall leaf removal, they use blowers powered by battery packs charged from solar power.  These blowers are remarkably clean and quiet, in contrast to the typical gasoline powered blowers, used by most services, that are noisy and dirty.  Further, as they remove the leaves, they mulch them and compost them.

George S.

Chevy Chase, MD

I've used A.I.R. now for two years; they provide environmentally sound lawn care and they use electric lawn mowers and other equipment - better for the air and, importantly, the quiet electric mowers and trimmers do not disturb the neighborhood. Plus they know what they are doing to provide the best organic service possible. I recommend A. I. R. fully.

Dan D.

Bethesda, MD

Recommended A.I.R. to my parents in Potomac for them to try it out.  The reason being, all of A.I.R.'s equipment is solar powered!  Their price is a little bit higher than the traditional companies, but well worth it to be environmentally-friendly.  Their customer service is great too if you don't like the original lawn cut they give you!

Ryan B.

Potomac, MD

A.I.R. has cared for my lawn for several years now.  The service has always been efficient and, as advertised, environmentally-friendly.  The mowers they use provide an exceptional cut, with the added bonus that they don't make much noise (because they're battery powered!).  These are NOT puny electric mowers that struggle to get the job done.  A.I.R. mowers are gigantic beasts that can tackle any project (my lawn has that thick Zoysia grass).  I highly recommend this company's service, particularly if you have an aversion to the roar of a gas-powered mower.

Ron B.

Rockville, MD

Excellent service.  The crew missed some leaves behind a shed and came back the next day after a call. Recommend highly.

Richard B.

Chevy Chase, MD

We were so happy to have met the A.I.R. team.  They had volunteered their services for a school courtyard renovation project where I too was volunteering. Knowing that they use solar-powered equipment and an all organic protocol (not watered down pesticides and called natural), we can now walk on our lawn the day it's treated and not worry about our dog or grandchildren being exposed to harmful chemicals.  Our lawn is one in the neighborhood that folks comment on as to how good it looks.

Karen P.

Gaithersburg, MD