A.I.R. is an eco-friendly landscaping company on a mission to improve and renew the air through natural, organic landscaping and lawn care.

Traditional landscaping is broken.

Clients are taking control. They're tuning out old-school landscaping that's non-ecological and interrupts.

5% of U.S. air pollution comes from small landscaping equipment.

Of the 30 commonly used lawn pesticides, 19 are linked with cancer.

When impervious space reaches 25% of landmass, a 100 year storm could occur once every 5 years.

Don't destroy the environment, save it.

Create and maintain a property that is good for the environment. Whether it's having your property maintained with our battery-powered equipment, applying natural, organic products to your property, or incorporating bees and food into your landscape. That's how you take care of your property. That's natural, organic land care.

Natural, Organic (N.O.) Land Care in a nutshell.


Assess your property and it’s environmental impact. Look at how you are currently using it and maintaining it.


Focus on building healthy soils that reduce the need for inputs such as water and fertilizer as well as your time.


Make changes to the layout of your property as well as how you have it managed.


Increase the biodiversity on your property whether it is incorporating bees, growing vegetables, or adding beneficial organisms to the soil via a compost tea application.


Reduce the risks to children, pets, and the elderly from air and noise pollution or harmful chemicals such as synthetic pesticides.


Protect the earth’s resources—air, land, and water—from all sources of pollution.

Do it all with just one service provider.

A.I.R. service includes all of the services you need for natural, organic land care, plus support to help properties master natural, organic land care.


natural, organic landscaping and lawn care


natural, organic landscaping and lawn care


natural organic lawn care


natural, organic landscaping and lawn care

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